We understand that being able to stay in your own home can make a huge difference to your emotional and physical well-being. The aim of many of our Service Users is to remain at home for as long as possible and through our work we have seen how choice and control in later years greatly improves your quality of life.

We offer the full spectrum of care services from short visits that provide help with domestic chores through to delivery of personal care. We know that this is a new and potentially difficult period for you, but you can have confidence in our service. Through our experience we have come across most situations and have built a team of trained care staff who take pride in delivering a quality service.

Our care is assessed and planned to meet each individual’s needs. *Domiciliary Care is available and provided by Bagnall Heights Domiciliary Limited based on site.

*This is subject to availability and will require an assessment prior to any service provision.


The beauty of living in the Bagnall Heights community is that everyone helps each other out. The feeling of togetherness is vital to living a comfortable and enjoyable life, which were highlighted even more following the events of 2020/21.

The beauty of living in the Bagnall Heights community is that everyone helps each other out. The feeling of togetherness is vital to living a comfortable and enjoyable life.

As well as a community you will benefit from a team of dedicated staff, including carers. You can use
our services as much or as little and you wish which brings long term comfort to our residents.


We believe that you are the expert in knowing what is best for your lifestyle and will work closely
with you and your family members to provide reliable, planned care enabling you to live the best life
that you can. It can be daunting when poor health requires a stranger to come into your home to
assist you with your daily routine and we bear this in mind when recruiting our team of care
workers. We go to great lengths to ensure that everyone employed by us is appropriately trained,
professional and competent. Our promise to you is a quality professional service delivered by trained
care workers who are reliable, punctual and, most importantly, friendly.


One of the most important aspects of domiciliary care is reliability and continuity of care. In order
for Bagnall Heights Domiciliary Ltd to bring the desired quality of life to a Resident and their family in this situation, it must be consistent and above all reliable.
Therefore, we try to ensure that residents see the same care staff regularly allowing familiarity and
trust to build. We take a great pride in selecting the best care staff possible and make every effort to
match like-minded Service Users and care workers to encourage mutually beneficial relationships.


When you begin to need care and support it can feel that you are losing the independence to choose
your own lifestyle and continue with your familiar routine. Personalisation is an approach to care

that places you at the heart of all decision making and allows you to be in control of the care and
support services received. A personal care budget may be provided directly to you or your family, or
may be held on your behalf and can be spent on the care and support you need, when you need it
most. You will be able to complete your own assessment and, together with us, a care and support
plan will be planned to your specific needs, reflecting your choices. The independence and control
provided by this approach to care could have many benefits for you and your family by helping you
• Live independently
• Stay healthy and recover quickly from illness
• Exercise maximum control over your chosen lifestyle
• Sustain your family unit
• Continue to participate as an active member of your family and community
• Have the best possible quality of life, irrespective of illness or disability
• Maintain dignity
• Learn new life skills

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Residents chatting at Bagnall Heights

Registered Manager

victoria vincent

About me

I’m a Registered Nurse and Registered Manager with the Care Quality Commission. I worked at The University Hospital of North Midlands for 17 years before coming to work at Bagnall Heights in 2017. Working at Bagnall Heights is very rewarding and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know residents and their families. Recognising the importance of personalised care and risk management, our aim is to enable residents to be as independent as possible living meaningful lives of their choosing. We offer care and support on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of your own home with both domestic support and personal care. 

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and friends and living locally I enjoy spending time in the beautiful countryside.